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December 2009
On 24 December the “Voevoda” (“Satana”) intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully launched from the Yasny rocket base. The control system provided accurate hitting by training combatant blocks of conventional targets on Kamchatka. The launch was made by Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation with participation of Ukrainian and Russian enterprises to confirm the rocket flight performance for prolongation of operational life of the “Voevoda” rocket complex.

November 2009
On 2 November from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, the Rockot LV was successfully launched with two European spacecrafts SMOS and PROBA-2.

October 2009
Test and certification center of LTD RPI Hartron-Arkos has developed and put into operation the automatic system for support of testing. This software product is to control operatively process of accumulation of test results, their processing and issuing of test protocols.

July 2009
On 29 July from Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome the "Dnepr" launch vehicle was successfully launched injecting six satellites:DubaiSat-1(UAE), Deimos-1(Great Britain, Spain), UK DMC-2(Great Britain), AprizeSat-3, AprizeSat-4(USA), NanoSat-1В(UAE,Spain).

July 2009
On 6 July from Russian cosmodrome Plesetsk, the Rockot LV was successfully launched with three Russian communication satellites .

May 2009
Spare parts for overhaul of tank ballistic computer were manufactured according to the contract dated 30.09.2008. Delivery of products is scheduled in June 2009.

April 2009
On 11 April, 50 years ago, the executive order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR concerning establishment of OKB №692 (post/box 67) in the frame of State committee on radio-electronics, which successor inside JS Hartron is Hartron-Arkos, was issued.

March 2009
The activities in frame of contracts with China production corporation "Great wall" were completed. Hartron-Arkos delivered the scientific-research reports and the SW for research on problems of control during SC injection into given orbits and their recovery.

March 2009
On 17 March , the "Rockot" LV was launched with ESA's SC "Goce" from Russian cosmodrome Plesetsk. The SC is intended for exploration of gravity field and steady-state ocean circulation.

January 2009
On 30 January the Cyclone-3 launch vehicle with the Koronas-Photon satellite was successfully launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The control system of launch vehicle developed by Hartron-Arkos provided nominal issuing of all commands and injection of satellite into the target orbit along energy optimal trajectory.

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