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December 2004
On 24 December the Cyclone-3 launch vehicle with the Sich-1М satellite was successfully launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

October 2004
The Rockot launch vehicle successfully injected the SERVIS-1 satellite into circular orbit.

June 2004
On 29 June the "Dnepr" launch vehicle was successfully launched injecting eight satellites: DEMETR, SaudiComSAT-1, SaudiComSAT-2, Saudi-SAT-2, LatinSAT-C, LatinSAT-D, АМSАТ-Есhо, UniSAT-3 from Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome. The control system of launch vehicle provided nominal issuing of all commands and injection of satellite into the target orbit along energy optimal trajectory.

April 2004
Hartron-Arkos was involved in development of control system for satellite "Egyptsat-1" for Earth remote sensing, to be developed by Ukraine for Egypt. Prime developer is state-owned enterprise "DB "Yuzhnoe"", developer of the control system is RPI "Hartron-Konsat", which then transfer the development to RPI "Hartron-Ukom"

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