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5 December 2003
The maiden launch of the Strela launch vehicle with the control system for intercontinental ballistic missile 15А35 updated by Hartron-Arkos was successfully performed from Baikonur Cosmodrome

October 2003
It was developed the main design materials on control system for Autonomous Space Tug (AST "Dnepr"). The AST is being developed to use maximally capabilities of intercontinental ballistic missile 15А18 for injection of payloads into near-earth circular, elliptic and geo-stationary orbits, as well as for implementation of escape trajectories to Moon, Mars and to Lagrangian point.

July 2003
On 4 July the contract was concluded with Republic of Pakistan for creation of the base on territory of customer for overhaul of Tank Ballistic Computer (TBC) along with Kharkov Design Bureau named after Malyshev.

June 2003
The Rockot launch vehicle successfully injected four satellites from Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

24 April 2003
It was injected product 71Х6 No. 7126 for the Oko-1 universal system for Earth observation (Russia). Because of occurred failures, it was not commissioning. The most long-lived product 71Х6 No. 7124 was injected into orbit on 25.08.2001 and is now in operation. Modernization of the control system for products 71Х6 is beginning. Launch of product No. 7128 with the modernized control system is scheduled in 2010

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