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March 18, 2016

The Acutronic motion simulator AC2247-TCM was put into operation on 03/18/2016. It is a two degree of freedom test stand that allows testing of a wide variety of inertial navigation packages, sensors, and other components requiring precision motion as a test input.

August 2016
The systems of the automated system for monitoring and controlling the nuclear subcritical installation are prepared for commissioning in the pilot operation as part of the nuclear subcritical installation.

October 18, 2016
In 02:45 on Kyiv time from Wallops Island (state Virginia, USA) the modernized launch vehicle Antares-230 with a shuttlecraft Cygnus was successfully launched. Cygnus must deliver on the International Space Station a load by order NASA.
LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS LTD took part in development of launch vehicle in co-operation with the Ukrainian enterprises and other foreign partners.

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