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15 February 2011
In the course of working visit in Kharkov the President of Ukraine Viktor F. Yanukovich visited Hartron, where he met with its personnel and had a look at work of research-production enterprise Hartron-Arkos.

Yury.M.Zlatkin, General Director of LTD RPI Hartron-Arkos, informed President about production processes, development of the control system for the Cyclone-4 launch-vehicle and the other future developments.

17 August 2011
At 11:12:20 a.m. Moscow time the Dnepr launch vehicle was successfully launched from the Yasny rocket base injecting seven satellites and block with perspective avionics (BPA-2, Ukraine). Into design orbits it was injected spacecrafts: Sich-2 (SC MS-2-8, Ukraine), NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X (Nigeria), RASAT (Turkey), EDUSAT (Italy), ApprizeSat-5 and ApprizeSat-6 (USA).

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