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      Enterprise management

General designer of control systems for space industry of Ukraine

Zlatkin Yuriy Mikhaylovich

Doctor of engineering sciences,
Full member of the Russian Academy of
Cosmonautics and the International Academy of
Navigation and Control of Motion,
Honorary mechanician of Ukraine,
winner of Prize of Russian Government
in science and technology,
winner of Prize named after academician V.N. Chelomey
Honorary citizen of Kharkov

                                                Phones:(057) 719-20-01
                                                           (057) 719-12-46

General director of LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS

Zlatkin Oleg Yuryevich

Doctor of engineering sciences,
Honorary worker of industry of Ukraine

       Phone:  (057) 719-44-49

General Designer

Kalnoguz Anatoliy Nikolaevich

Doctor of engineering sciences,
Honorary mechanician of Ukraine,
winner of Prize named after academician V.N. Chelomey

     Phones: (057) 719-20-02
                 (057) 315-01-35

Director on testing

Batyrev Boris Ilyich

Honorary mechanician of Ukraine,
winner of Government Prize of Ukraine

       Phones: (057) 719-20-03
                   (057) 315-00-22

Director on science work,

Chumachenko Valentin Ivanovich

Doctor of engineering sciences,
winner of Prize named after academician V.N. Chelomey

      Phone:  (057) 719-20-05

Director on complex design
and on-board programming

Voronchenko Vyacheslav Georgievich

Honorary worker of Ukrainian industry

       Phone:  (057) 719-20-06

Director on economics and finance

Lisnychii Igor Vladimirovich

       Phone:  (057) 719-46-64

History information

   In 1959 it was established Osoboe Konstructorskoe Bureau (OKB № 692), that was re-named to KB Electropriborostroenia later. The major task for the KBE was to develop the control systems for intercontinental ballistic missiles and launch vehicles.
   During more than 30 year period the KBE successfully commissioned a lot of projects and become a leading enterprise in the field of control systems for space applications. Boris M. Konoplyov, Vladimir G. Sergeyev, Anatoliy G. Andryuschenko, Yakov E. Eisenberg were at the head of enterprise at different times. Later Hartron-Arkos has been formed basing on main subdivisions of the KBE, which is its successor in the field of control systems for space applications.

Arrangements of enterprise

  • scientific-research and scientific-technical departments;
  • complex departments;
  • departments for design of devices;
  • test departments;
  • production unit;
  • auxiliary departments.

Main branches of activities

  • development of control systems for space applications;
  • development of methods for control of motion and navigation;
  • synthesis of algorithms for guidance, navigation, orientation and stabilization of rockets
    and spacecrafts;
  • development of on-board and ground software;
  • development of on-board digital computers and other electronics;
  • performing of flight tests and support of developed systems during its usage.

Other branches of activities

Efficiency of our activities is provided by

  • scientific-theoretical and research base on problems of control of objects of different purposes including usage of mathematical models describing objects and processes of control;
  • development and usage of high-performance fault-tolerant on-board computers and
    ground control computers;
  • development of industrial technology of design and testing of algorithms and software;
  • efficient system for coordination of activities of participants to be involved into development of control system;
  • quality control in all phases of development of system;
  • testing of software and hardware in conditions close to real conditions of operation with simulation of all modes of operation including non-nominal conditions and abnormal conditions.

Countries which enterprises are collaborating with Hartron-Arkos